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Activities and events

No upcoming meetings found for Unit 2.02.11.

Calendar of Meetings

Current activities

1. Processing (analysing and summarising) of the results of the IUFRO 1964/68 experimental series. In order to do so, the co-ordinators responsible for the experimental areas in Canada, Ireland, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Finland, France, Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic and Hungary are kindly requested to provide the following information:

  • Who is currently in charge of each experimental area (please, provide the contact address);
  • What is the current state of the experimental areas;
  • Most important results (survival, growth traits);
  • List of publications concerning the experimental areas.

We are  planning to set up a committee for processing the IUFRO 1964/68 series results.

2. Description of the breeding-selection value of spruce provenances on the basis of genetic-breeding indices found in IUFRO tests 38, 72, 64

3. In the frame of COST action we have checked  and compare coordinates and site characteristics of mother stands and provenance trails using ecological distances calculated as Ellenberg climate quotient and not geographical distances. The idea become from the Academic  Prof. Dr. Csaba Matyas.  Maybe such method will be useful also for comparisons among provenances  sites in IUFRO trails (Gregor Božič)

4. Results from  Norwegian Norway spruce trials (Tore Skroppa)

5. Determination of subjects of common studies carried out with the Working Group IUFRO WP 1.01.09 Ecology and Sylviculture of Norway Spruce  With respect to more specific programs Coordinator directed intention letters to Dr. Peter Meyer during the IUFRO world meeting in Seoul, to the group of Swedish scientists (Dag Lindgren, Goesta Erickson) and also to the Swedish coordinators of a Working Group Ecology and sylviculture of Norway Spruce (Jens Peter Skovsgaard, Ulf Johansson). The scientists of Central Europe, in this number the team of Prof. L. Paule.

In addition:

Continuation of the activities specified in the proposals formulated at the conference "Norway Spruce in the Conservation of Forest Ecosystems in Europe" that took place on 3–5 Sep 2007 in Warszawa – Malinówka, Poland, namel

  • Selection and preservation of the most valuable provenances of Norway spruce in Poland;
  • Development of the rules for spruce restitution;
  • Intensification of international scientific exchange.

Past meetings

  • 2014 IUFRO Forest Tree Breeding Conference; Prague, Czech Republic; 25-29 August 2014. IUFRO Units involved: 2.04.02, 2.02.07, 2.02.11. Conference homepage - Programme - Report - Photo gallery

  • Norway Spruce in the Conservation of Forest Ecosystems in Europe. The results of the IUFRO 1964/68 experimental series; Beskid Mountains, Poland; 13-15 September 2012. Conference homepage - 1st announcement - Registration form - 2nd announcement - 3rd announcement - Report

  • Norway spruce in the conservation of forest ecosystems in Europe; Warszawa, Poland; 3-5 September 2007.  Programme - Full Meeting Report

  • The Protection and Preservation of Forest Biodiversity in the Carpathian Gene Bank. The Role of Norway Spruce and Other Species in the Conservation of Forest Ecosystems in the Carpathian Mountains; Carpathian Mountains, Poland; 14-17 October 2003.