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Activities and events

No upcoming meetings found for Unit 2.02.13.

Calendar of Meetings

Past meetings

  • LIFEGENMON (2014-2020) - Final conference: Forest Science for Future Forests: Forest Genetic Monitoring and Biodiversity in Changing Environments; online and onsite in Ljubljana, Slovenia; 21-25 September 2020. IUFRO Units involved: 2.02.13, 2.04.12. Conference homepage - Report  
  • GenTree Final Conference: Genetic data to the rescue - Managing forests sustainably in a changing world; Avignon, France; 27-31 January 2020. Units involved: 2.00.00, 2.02.13, 2.04.11. Conference homepage  
  • Final meeting of Cost Action FP1202  MaP-FGR and conference on "Marginal and peripheral tree populations: a key genetic resource for European forests"; Arezzo, Italy; 26-29 September 2016. Units involved: 2.00.00, 2.02.13. Conference homepage - Report  
  • Research and Innovation in Sustainable Forestry to Advance Competitive Global Bioeconomy; Arezzo, Italy; 9 July 2014. Units involved: 2.02.13, 4.02.06, 9.05.01, 9.05.04. Conference announcement
  • 14th International Fir Symposium; Kastamonu, Turkey; 12-14 September 2012. Units involved: 1.01.09, 2.02.09, 2.02.13. Conference homepage
  • International Conference about Seed Orchards and Breeding Theory; Egirdir, Turkey; 21-25 May 2012. Units involved: 2.09.01, 2.04.02, 2.02.13. Conference homepage
  • MEDPINE 4: 4th International Conference on Mediterranean Pines; Avignon, France; 6-10 June 2011. Units involved: 1.01.10, 2.02.13, 4.00.00, 8.00.00, 8.03.05. Conference homepage - 2nd announcement - Scientific report - Pictures: Scientific study tour - Canopy
  • Global change and Mediterranean pines: alternatives for management/Cambio global y pinos mediterrĂ¡neos: alternativas para los gestores; Palencia, Spain; 10-12 February 2010. Units 1.01.10, 2.02.13, 4.01.00. First announcement - Second announcementThird announcement - Poster - Summary - List of Participants - Meeting Evaluation
  • Fourth International Symposium on Dynamics of Physiological Processes in Roots of Woody Plants; Bangor, United Kingdom; 16-19 September 2007.
    The program focused on importance of woody plant ecosystems for ecosystem services that included carbon sequestration, slope stability and maintenance of biodiversity in the age of global worming. Participants stressed the importance of roots in ecosystem processes, ranging for the importance of fine root turnover in carbon sequestration to the role of coarse root structure in stand stability. Contact: Douglas L. Godbold at d.l.godbold(at) for details.