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Publications and references

Unit Publications

Complex Stand Structures and Associated Dynamics, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario; 29 July – 2 August 2007 –  Proceedings (1) and  Mini-Special Issue (2) Complex Stand Structures, Forestry 2008 Volume 81(5):573-630.

(1) Proceedings

(2) Publication: Mini-Special Issue Complex Stand Structures, Forestry 2008 VOLUME 81(5):573-630.
1. Table of contents
2. Introduction by Peter F. Newton
3. Link to the Forestry Web-site:

Representative Research Publications

  1. Gilciano Saraiva Nogueira, G.S., Marshall, P.L., Leite, L.G., Carlos Chagas Campos, J.C.C. 2015. Thinning intensity and pruning impacts on Eucalyptus plantations in Brazil. International Journal of Forestry Research, Article ID 168390.

  2. Newton, P.F. 2016. Simulating the potential effects of a changing climate on black spruce and jack pine plantation productivity by site quality and locale through model adaptation. Forests 2016, 7(10), 223; (