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Activities and events

No upcoming meetings found for Unit 8.04.04.

Calendar of Meetings

Past activities

  • Air Pollution threats to Plant Ecosystems; Paphos, Cyprus; 11-15 October 2021. Units involved: 8.04.00, 8.04.01, 8.04.02, 8.04.03, 8.04.04, 8.04.05, 8.04.06, 8.04.07, 8.04.08. Conference homepage - 1st announcement - Report 
  • Biennial Research Group 7.01.00 meeting "Harmonized Growth, Cleaner Environment and Sustainable Forests"; Nanning, China; 13-17 May 2019. Units involved: 7.01.00, 7.01.01, 7.01.02, 7.01.03, 7.01.05, 7.01.07, 7.01.08, 7.01.09, 7.01.10. Conference homepage - Report  
  • International Scientific and Expert Conference "Natural Resources, Green Technologies and Sustainable Development - 3" GREEN 2018; Zagreb, Croatia; 6-8 June 2018. Conference homepage - 1st announcement - Report      
  • International Conference on Ozone and Plant Ecosystems; Florence, Italy; 21-25 May 2018. Units involved: 7.01.00, 7.01.02, 7.01.05, 7.01.09. Conference homepage - Report          
  • 28th IUFRO conference for Specialists in Air Pollution and Climate Change Impacts on Forest Ecosystems: "Actions for Sustainable Forest Ecosystems under Air Pollution and Climate Change"; Fuchu, Tokyo, Japan; 22-26 October 2017. Conference homepage - Report            
  • IUFRO Regional Congress for Asia and Oceania 2016: Session 4 "Impacts of changing climate and atmospheric deposition on forest ecosystem structure, function and management"; Beijing, China; 24-27 October 2016; 
  • Biological Reaction of Forests to Climate and Air Pollution; Kaunas, Lithuania; 18-27 May 2012. Conference homepage - Report
  • Activities of the Coordinator of this WP, Salim Belyazid, were:
    • Organizing of an international conference on Soil Carbon entitled: Understanding and modeling the effects of nitrogen enrichment on forest soil carbon stocks. The conference was held in Höör, Sweden, and jointly supported by the Centre for Ecosystems and Climate Research, Lund University, and the Nordic Forest Soil Carbon Network
    • Participating and contribution to the international conference: Nitrogen and Global Change, Held in Edinburgh, Scotland, on April 11th to 14th, 2011, and which resulted in the Edinburgh Declaration on Reactive Nitrogen.
    • Participation in and contribution to the 10th AcidRain conference in Beijing, China.
    • Participation and contribution to the 2011 National Atmospheric Deposition Program meeting, held in Providence, RI, USA.
  • Technical Session during the XXIII World Congress, D-09 "Changes in climate and air pollution – new directions in forest monitoring, research and modeling". Congress homepage - Session flyer
  • 23rd IUFRO Conference for Specialists in Air Pollution Effects on Forest Ecosystems Air Pollution and Climate Change at Contrasting Altitude and Latitude; Murten, Switzerland; 7-12 September 2008. Conference homepage - Report