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7.03.13 - Biological control of forest insects and pathogens


Theory and Practice to address Defoliating insects, Invasive Pests and Biological Control of Insects and Pathogens in Forests

Tokyo, Japan; 21-23 August 2024.
Units involved: 7.03.06, 7.03.12 and 7.03.13

The health of forests worldwide is threatened by insect pests and diseases. For example, outbreaks of defoliating insects reduce production efficiency, and the continued introduction of invasive pests is stretching the available capacity and resources to manage these threats. Research in various disciplines is needed to unlock new approaches to manage forest pests, including a shift in focus from chemical to biological control. In addition, many of the current threats require cross-boundary and multi-disciplinary approaches.

This joint meeting will exchange information on the theory and practice to address defoliating insects and invasive species of forests, including biological control and other approaches. The meeting will include researchers from different disciplines and countries and provide an overview of the challenges to forest health, and research driven responses to these challenges.



Meeting of IUFRO Working Party 7.03.13 Biological control of forest insects and pathogens

IUFRO is an international network of forest scientists working in a very broad range of research areas, including forest health and the management of invasive species. The IUFRO Working Party 7.03.13 focuses on research related to the biological control of forest insect pests and pathogens. This is the first meeting of the Working Party since the meeting in Poland in 2015, and the first time this Working Party has met in Africa! The Working Party meetings are generally not too large (less than 100 people) which allows easier engagement with fellow researchers.

The meeting will be held at the newly opened facilities of the Future Africa Campus of the University of Pretoria, in Pretoria, South Africa.



Publication alert

A new publication involving Marc Kenis as contributing author examines the mechanisms for prevention and management of potential introductions of forest insect pests and pathogens in the European Union (EU), challenges of combining free trade and movement of products, and public engagement in the upward battle of these potential threats against forests.

Title: Reducing the risk of invasive forest pests and pathogens: Combining legislation, targeted management and public awareness