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Publications and references

Publications by the Working Party

Working Party Newsletter

The Unit will periodically produce a newsletter, at least twice a year. Newsletters will be advertised and shared using both the IUFRO newsletter and twitter, and also diffused among an ad-hoc mailing list, which will be created using a Unit survey.

If you wish to receive it, please send an email to frederic.gosselin(at)

Other references

The Unit per se has yet to be involved in publications.  Here is a list of references that we find inspiring in the field of this Unit:

  • Bunnell, F. L., and D. J. Huggard. 1999. Biodiversity across spatial and temporal scales: problems and opportunities. Forest Ecology and Management 115:113-126.
  • Fahrig, L. 2017. Ecological responses to Habitat Fragmentation per se. Annual Review of Ecology Evolution and Systematics 48 :1-23.
  • Failing, L., and R. Gregory. 2003. Ten common mistakes in designing biodiversity indicators for forest policy. Journal of Environmental Management 68:121-132.
  • McDonald, G. T., and M. B. Lane. 2004. Converging global indicators for sustainable forest management. Forest Policy and Economics 6:63-70.
  • Vos, P., E. Meelis, and W. J. Ter Keurs. 2000. A framework for the design of ecological monitoring programs as a tool for environmental and nature management. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 61:317-344.
  • Yoccoz, N. G., J. D. Nichols, and T. Boulinier. 2001. Monitoring of biological diversity in space and time. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 16:446-453.

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