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Activities and events

No upcoming meetings found for Unit 9.01.07.

Calendar of Meetings

To reach our aims, we will implement the following activities within the next five years (until the IUFRO congress 2024):

  • Link researchers with similar interests and engage in dialogue using a common blog where we post about interesting research in the field, events and provide contact-information for reaching the group.
  • Investigate the opportunities to start a common (social) media database (repository) available for analysis by IUFRO members and others,
  • Explore the interest and opportunities to apply for project funding for an international collaboration,
  • Contribute with one text per year to the IUFRO Global Forest Information Service (GFIS) e-newsletter,
  • Publish one special issue in an international peer-reviewed journal (topic to be discussed),
  • Publishing a society brief where we synthesize the scientific findings of the special issue in a shorter text aimed at stakeholders, decision-makers and other interested parties,
  • Organize a seminar/conference/symposium at the University of Freiburg in 2022 where we invite also practitioners, media representatives, and other interested stakeholders,
  • Present our results at the IUFRO world congress in 2024.

Possible exchange to have with other IUFRO Working Parties:

  • 9.06.00 - Forest law and environmental legislation.
  • Task force: Gender Equality in Forestry.