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Publications and references

  • Papers from the XXII IUFRO World Congress (August 2005) and Frontiers in Forestry Information: A Centenary Conference (December 2005) Issues in Science and Technology librarianship, no. 46 supplement, spring 2006,
  • International Directory of Forest Information Services: Libraries, Documentation Centres, and Subject Specialists


Research Group 9.01.00 does not publish a classical newsletter.

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Links to other information resources

Part A: Links to IUFRO units of special interest to 9.01.00

  • Libraries and Information Services -  6.03.01
  • Trends in Forest Terminology -  6.03.02
  • Forest Decimal Classification -  6.03.03
  • Latin American and Caribbean Information Systems Network - 6.03.04
  • Global Forest Information Service

Part B: Only a few links to related information resources and document centres

Best practice: Ask a colleague who may help you to find more specific sites, services or documents. Most of the relevant addresses are available from the Internet/Web by intelligent navigation or organisation-oriented searching.