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CONTENTS of the Global Scientific Rapid Response Assessment Report
Illegal Logging and Related Timber Trade - Dimensions, Drivers, Impacts and Responses


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1 Introduction: Understanding the Complexities of Illegal Logging and
Associated Timber Trade

Lead authors: Daniela Kleinschmit, Sina Leipold and Metodi Sotirov
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2 Defining Illegal Forest Activities and Illegal Logging
Lead author: Luca Tacconi
Contributing authors: Paolo Omar Cerutti, Sina Leipold, Rafael Jacques Rodrigues, Annalisa Savaresi, Phuc To and Xiaoxue Weng
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3 Quantifying Illegal Logging and Related Timber Trade
Lead author: Jianbang Gan
Contributing authors: Paolo Omar Cerutti, Mauro Masiero, Davide Pettenella, Nicola Andrighetto and Tim Dawson
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4 Drivers of Illegal and Destructive Forest Use
Lead author: Benno Pokorny
Contributing authors: Pablo Pacheco, Paolo Omar Cerutti, Tim Boekhout van Solinge, Gabrielle Kissinger and Luca Tacconi

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5 Organized Forest Crime: A Criminological Analysis with Suggestions from Timber Forensics
Lead author: Tim Boekhout van Solinge
Contributing authors: Pieter Zuidema, Mart Vlam, Paolo Omar Cerutti and Valentin Yemelin

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6 Multiple and Intertwined Impacts of Illegal Forest Activities
Lead author: Pablo Pacheco
Contributing authors: Paolo Omar Cerutti, David P. Edwards, Guillaume Lescuyer, Elena Mejía, Guillermo Navarro, Krystof Obidzinski, Benno Pokorny and Plinio Sist

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7 Global Governance Approaches to Addressing Illegal Logging: Uptake and Lessons Learnt
Lead authors: Benjamin Cashore, Sina Leipold and Paolo Omar Cerutti
Contributing authors: Gabriela Bueno, Sophia Carodenuto, Xiaoqian Chen, Wil de Jong, Audrey Denvir, Christian Hansen, David Humphreys, Kathleen McGinley, Iben Nathan, Christine Overdevest, Rafael Jacques Rodrigues, Metodi Sotirov, Michael W. Stone, Yitagesu Tekle Tegegne, Ingrid Visseren-Hamakers, Georg Winkel, Valentin Yemelin and Jonathan Zeitlin

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8 Conclusions
Lead authors: Daniela Kleinschmit, Stephanie Mansourian and Christoph Wildburger
Contributing authors: Tim Boekhout van Solinge, Benjamin Cashore, Paolo Omar Cerutti, Jianbang Gan, Sina Leipold, Pablo Pacheco, Benno Pokorny, Andre Purret, Metodi Sotirov and Luca Tacconi

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Appendices to the report


Appendix 1: Glossary of Terms and Definitions (PDF, 79 KB)
Appendix 2: List of Authors and Reviewers (PDF, 46KB)


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