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Thu Oct 26 09:45:01 CEST 2017

Dear members of IUFRO Division 3,

It is time to think of who we want to lead our Division for the next term (2019-2024). Thus, I invite everyone that receives this mail to nominate a person for the post as Coordinator of Division 3. The Division Coordinator can serve for two terms, so our current coordinator Woodam Chung can serve for one more term if we would want him to do so. However, he still needs to be nominated in order to be able to candidate.
Div. 3's nomination procedure will be as follows:

1. Candidates are nominated by sending the required documents to me by email by November 30th.

2. I will compile the eligible candidates, and the current Div. 3 Officeholder (coordinators and deputies) will vote for their favorite by December 15th.

3. I will compile the vote results, and send it to the IUFRO President and the Nominating Committee by December 31st.
So if you have a candidate in mind, please do not hesitate to nominate that person. However, if a person already is nominated, there is no need to nominate again. Thus, you might want to consult me before initiate the work of collecting the three documents that is required to accompany each nomination:

1. A curriculum vitae,

2. A candidate statement indicating main points of the candidate's envisaged strategy for the Division (max. 1 page),

3. Signed consent by the candidate and the candidate's employer, stating that the candidate is willing to serve as Division Coordinator and that the employer is willing and able to support travel and coordination activities required to fulfil the responsibilities of Division Coordinator (please use the enclosed document).
Please note that self-nomination is not allowed. Moreover, candidates should have good knowledge of IUFRO. Thus, they have preferably served as IUFRO officeholder (deputy division coordinator, research group coordinator or working party coordinator).

I am looking forward to your nominations and any possible questions on this matter.

Kind regards,

Ola Lindroos, Deputy Coordinator of Div. 3.

PS. According to IUFRO statutes and rules, candidates for the Division Coordinator position can be nominated independently by any individual within IUFRO's Member Organization and Associate Members. However, Division Coordinators will normally be proposed by the Divisions concerned. How this has been done has hitherto not been clear. Thus, I also enclose the draft for a new nomination guideline document prepared by the current Division coordinator, Woodam Chung, and myself that guide the above described nomination process, in order to establish a transparent and democratic process of how our Division nominates candidates for Division 3 Coordinator.

Ola Lindroos, PhD
Professor of Forest Operations
Former Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Forest Engineering<>

Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Department of Forest Biomaterials and Technology
SE-901 83 Umeå, SWEDEN
Visiting address: Skogsmarksgränd 17
Phone: +46 90 786 86 36
ola.lindroos at<mailto:ola.lindroos at>,<>

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