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Subject: Nov 17 @ 5 pm CET - online seminar with MATT HANSEN: Global forest monitoring using satellite data

Dear all,

please note that the International Tree Mortality Network, an initiative of the IUFRO task force on monitoring trends and patterns in global tree mortality, is offering a series of online seminars. These seminars will take place as online web seminars in regular intervals (6 to 8 seminars per year).

Our kick-off meeting will take place on Nov 17 (5 pm, CET) and we are happy to announce our first speaker:

MATT HANSON, University of Maryland, author of the GLOBAL FOREST WATCH

Global forest monitoring using satellite data

Abstract: Earth observation data enable the monitoring of forest extent and change from national to global scales. Consistent processing of time-series images has made possible the operational production of global tree cover extent, loss and gain products. However, attribution of dynamics in the context 1) reference state, for example forest type, 2) change factor, for example fire or logging, and 3) outcome, for example land use type or natural recovery, is more challenging. In addition to mapping, the requirement to perform robust sample-based analyses to report on all themes is underappreciated. This talk will review our work on characterizing forest dynamics at the global scale using multi-source satellite imagery, including mapping and sampling, in the context of current operational versus future aspirational capabilities.

Please join us for this highly interesting seminar and register at:

If you are interested in contributing to the seminar series and/or have suggestions for additional speakers, please contact us at: <mailto:treemortnet at> treemortnet at

Visit us at:


Dr. (habil.) Henrik Hartmann
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Plant Allocation

MPI for Biogeochemistry
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07745 Jena, Germany

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