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I would be VERY interested in hearing about any successful operational/applied disease or insect resistance programs for forest trees (the area that I work in) - both for non-native pathogens and insects as well as for native ones; both for plantation forestry as well as for restoration purposes (such as one of the programs I am involved with for developing white pine blister rust resistance in whitebark pine (a species proposed for listing in the U.S. under the Endangered Species Act)). Please email me any information at rsniezko at<mailto:rsniezko at>. I am particularly interested in programs that have gotten to the stage of reforestation or restoration with resistant seedlings (or rooted cuttings, etc). An email contact of one or more people associated with such programs would be appreciated (as would any summaries of programs). I've been involved in organizing several international workshops of disease and insect resistance and am considering organizing another one in the near future - scientists that would be interested in such a workshop can also send me their contact information (see information on the 2011 workshop (and its proceedings) and the 2015 workshop below for information on two recent meetings).

A few references on resistance work and programs are below - but in general it is out of date, not world-wide, and shows relatively few programs that have advanced to the reforestation/restoration stage using resistant materials. Some of this is obviously due to the long-term commitments needed to develop an applied program and implement restoration, etc, but compiling information on other programs that have progressed to this stage, or are currently aiming for it (rather than just in the 'research' phase) would be useful.

I am also interested in newer programs or programs that are still pretty much in the 'research' phase - so please fill free to send that information as well.

Ultimately, I'll try to compile the responses and make available in some form.

Thank you in advance.


Some notable resources below (but perhaps a listing of other key ones can be sent to me):

Yanchuk & Allard 2009 discuss tree improvement programs for forest health in the presence of climate change (Yanchuk & Allard 2009, Unasylva 231/232 Vol. 60: 50-56<>).

FAO Document: Selection and breeding for insect and disease resistance

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