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  1. 4th World Teak Conference 2022
  2. International Conference on Wood Adhesives
  3. Socio-Ecological Conflicts in Forest Management: Risks of (Not) Adapting?
  4. 2nd IUFRO Division 3 Doctoral Student Conference
  5. Natural Resources, Green Technology and Sustainable Developement/4 - GREEN2022
  6. Foliar, Shoot, Stem and Rust Diseases of Trees - Forest Diseases During Global Crises
  7. New opportunities for Teak sector in the post-COVID-19 Scenario - TEAKNET Side Event at XV World Forestry Congress
  8. 15th International Christmas Tree Research and Extension Conference
  9. 19th Symposium on Systems Analysis in Forest Resources (SSAFR 2021)
  10. The 2022 World Wood Day Online Symposium and The Fourth IUFRO Forest Products Culture Colloquium: Trees and Non-Wood Forest Products: Challenges, Opportunities and Sustainability
  11. Webinar: Our favorite parts of the book - previously unpublished material, new research ideas, and things learned during writing
  12. Webinar: Let's talk about Planted Forests: will we run out of seeds?
  13. All-Division 3 Conference and 44th Council on Forest Engineering and 54th International Symposium on Forestry Mechanization
  14. Trees for Good Forum: Challenges, opportunities, and sustainability for trees and wood environment in the desert - Event at the Expo Dubai 2020
  15. Managerial forest economics and accounting as a base for decision making in a changing world
  16. Webinar Series "Unlocking the Bioeconomy for Nontimber Forest Products": NWFP in Agroforestry: Farmer's Perceptions in Europe
  17. Framework to Expedite Transition to Bioeconomy with Nonwood Forest Products - Side Event at the XV World Forestry Congress
  18. The 20th IUFRO Tree Biotech and the 2nd FTMB (Forest Tree Molecular Biology and Biotechnology) Conference
  19. 10th International Symposium Forest and Sustainable Development
  20. IUFRO Landscape Ecology Working Party Webinar: Forests and forest products: the use of native species and the role of sociobiodiversity in Latin America
  21. Polymers and Biorefineries - Session at the BCSIR Congress-2022
  22. Webinar: Let's talk about Planted Forests: Clearcutting
  23. XXVI IUFRO World Congress
  24. Workshop: Seasonal Migration in the Forest Sector
  25. 13th International Conference "Wood Science and Technology in the Third Millennium" – ICWSE 2023
  26. Second WP 7.02.13 meeting: Novel and classical strategies to manage forest health in plantations


  1. 5.12.00 - Sustainable utilization of forest products
  2. 5.01.09 - Non-destructive evaluation of wood and wood-based materials
  3. 5.15.00 - Forest products culture
  4. 9.05.04 - Forest policies in the Baltic and CEE regions
  5. 5.07.04 - Small conventional power systems
  6. 9.05.09 - African Forest Politics and Governance
  7. 5.16.00 - Wood identification