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New Special Issue in GENOME Journal on Tree Diversity

The Evolution of Tree Diversity: Proceedings of the IUFRO Genomics and Forest Tree Genetics meeting, Phylogenetics and Genomic Evolution Session, Arcachon, 2016

Studies in the evolution of forest tree diversity face a common suite of issues: phylogenetic resolution in the face of hybridization and lineage sorting, the balance between divergence and introgression, the relative effects of local adaptation and demographic history on population genetic structure. While we know much about the impact of tree diversity on ecosystem and the assembly and maintenance of tree diversity at community and regional scales, we know much less about the evolutionary origins of tree diversity and the interplay of different evolutionary forces. The Phylogenetics and Genomic Evolution Session of the 2016 IUFRO Genomics and Forest Tree Genetics meeting was convened in Arcachon, France in May 2016, to bring together researchers addressing evolutionary relationships within and among tree species. A special issue in GENOME journal includes a collection of papers sampled from the topics covered in this session.

More information at http://www.nrcresearchpress.com/toc/gen/60/9#d62518e6

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Amanda De La Torre, United States


Ilga Porth, Canada

Marjana Westergren, Slovenia

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Division 2 includes both physiology and genetics, in recognition of the close linkage and interaction between these basic biological disciplines. It also has a close connection with that part of Division 7 concerned with the physiology and genetics of resistance to pests, diseases and abiotic factors, including air pollution. Research activities include root, stem canopy and whole tree processes, reproduction, seed physiology, plant development, nutrient cycling, and tree response to temperate, drought and global climate change. Genetic research includes breeding of important species via sexual reproduction as well as asexual reproduction from cells and tissues. It also includes genetic mapping, genetic transformation and engineering of trees, marker-assisted tree improvement, and the genetics of biodiversity.

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