2.01.15 - Whole plant physiology



Join us for Forest Regeneration In Changing Environments 2017!

Adapting forest regeneration practices to changing climate, natural disturbances, policies, markets, and technology present continuous challenges and opportunities. Access to the best available scientific research on these topics is key to successfully adapting to these changes. This conference will bring together leading forest researchers and practitioners to share the latest research findings on managing forest regeneration and early stand dynamics in changing environments around the globe. Graduate student participation is highly encouraged!

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Douglass Jacobs, United States

About Unit

This Working Party is concerned with research topics dealing with the physiology of the tree as an entire living woody plant. This includes such topics as radiation/dry matter conversion, carbon and nitrogen allocation, forests as carbon sinks, carbon and nitrogen cycling, effects of atmospheric CO2 on tree growth, process-based models for growth prediction, and water use efficiency.