1.02.05 - Silviculture and management in arid and semi-arid regions


Marlene González, Chile


Santiago Barros Asenjo, Chile

Jose Antonio Diaz Zirpolo, Argentina

Deon Malherbe, South Africa

About Unit

Vast area of arid and semi-arid lands covered with forests that despite of being scattered and sparse have significant effects on the environment, genetic resources, food, medicine, water and soil conservation. The horizons of this unit are to protect and develop these forests in different plant societies with the people help for sustainable development.

It is clear that the main plans are to identify forest structure and genetic diversity of forests and reforestation projects and studies in consistent with forest species. The most important objectives are to protect and develop these plant communities, study on their boundaries with their plant compositions and stop encroachments and destructions of jungles.  

State of Knowledge

National Plan for the Protection of Forests and research projects  are the main projects that have been completed by the Iran Forests and Rangelands Organization (http://frw.org.ir) and  the Research Institute of Forests and Rangelands (www.rifr-ac.ir).