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IUFRO News Vol. 53, Issue 1, January 2024

How can digital tools enhance forest education? What is the future role of insurance in planted forests? What has been achieved in forest landscape restoration in Sri Lanka and Guatemala? Find answers to these questions and much more…

At the "IUFRO Symposium on Forest Education" in Finland, participants discussed gaps in forest education at university and college level including further education. Online degrees and micro-certificates, for example, offer an efficient approach to delivering forest education, particularly to professionals in the field.

Speakers at the webinar "Let's Talk About Planted Forests: Forest Risk and Insurance" concluded that in a context where risks are increasing, insurance and reinsurance are playing a major role to protect forests and make sure that investors do not go away from this market.

The meeting on "Novel and Classical Strategies to Manage Forest Health in Plantations" in Brazil enabled researchers and forest managers to present research and discuss operational management of pests and diseases from many countries across the Southern Hemisphere.

IUFRO's Special Programme for Development of Capacities (SPDC) presents achievements in FLR-related initiatives; IUFRO's Science-Policy Programme (SciPol) draws attention to upcoming major studies; the TEAMING UP 4 FORESTS platform is finalizing a study on European wood supply; and IUFRO Headquarters welcomes two new staff members.


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