1.01.09 - Ecology and silviculture of fir



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Fir and Pine Management in Changeable Environment: Risks and Opportunities - Joint Conference of IUFRO Working Parties "Ecology and Silviculture of Fir" and "Ecology and Silviculture of Pine" - The 17th International Conference on Ecology and Silviculture of Fir and The 6th International Conference on Ecology and Silviculture of Pine
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; 19-22 September 2022

IUFRO Units involved: 1.01.09, 1.01.10.

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Information: Teresa De Jesus Fidalgo Fonseca, Andrej Bončina, Dalibor Ballian


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Andrej Boncina, Slovenia


Dorota Dobrowolska, Poland

Toshiaki Owari, Japan

About Unit

IUFRO Working Party 1.01.09 Ecology and silviculture of fir originated from a unit focusing only on European silver fir (Abies alba Mill.). Now it covers the whole Abies genus on a global level, including a wide range of forest communities with Abies species as their component. Occasionally, some attention will be given to other conifer species not covered by other IUFRO units.

In our research activities different levels of biological organisation of fir species and fir forests are considered - from gene, species, and population to the community and ecosystem level. However, the ecology, silviculture and management of Abies species are the main topics for IUFRO 1.01.09.

The Working Party stimulates research activities and exchange of knowledge on Abies. Many social values and benefits related to these – often impressive tree species of many forest ecosystems – are becoming increasingly important, and are therefore included as an integral part of the activities. Due to the broad and interweaved interests of this IUFRO unit, the participation by experts and scientists from various disciplines – ecology, forest production, silviculture, management, environmental sciences and many others – and from different continents is desired. We'd be glad if you join us.