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Conference Announcement

Advancing Silvicultural Technology
Umeå, Sweden; 22-24 August 2023

The objectives of the conference are to present ongoing R&D in the Nordic-Baltic region on forest management systems and technology and to discuss future R&D needs. Researchers, undergraduate- and PhD students as well as professionals from operational forestry, forest authorities and industry and other forest organizations are welcome to participate.

The Conference is free-of-charge, all-inclusive (coffee, lunch, dinner, seminar, excursion etc.). Participation at the Seminar, Day 1 and 3, including giving a 5-min flash-presentation, can be done digitally, in Zoom. Working language is English.


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Lorenzo Ciccarese, Italy


Vladan Ivetic, Serbia

Timo Saksa, Finland

About Unit

TOR Terms of Reference

Analysis, design and continuous improvement of the facilities and networks of technical and transaction processes required to establishing and tending forest stands. Clusters of primary processes are (1) nursery operations, (2) site preparation, (3) regeneration, and (4) stand tending and protection. Classes of transaction processes are (5) procurement, (6) order fullfillment, (7) data exchange, and (8) system monitoring and control.


  • organising or encouraging the holding of meetings or conferences to discuss research problems and results,
  • ensuring that the proceedings of these meetings are published and made available to interested people, and
  • issuing of newsletters to ensure those on the mailing lists of the groups are informed of activities of interest.

State of Knowledge

  • Anonymous. 1985. Nursery Management Practices for the Southern Pines International Symposium on Nursery Management Practices for the Southern Pines, Montgomery, Alabama, USA, August 4-9. Department of Research Information, 103 Comer Hall, Auburn University, Alabama 36849.
    (available online at https://www.auburn.edu/academic/forestry_wildlife/nurserycoop/pubsanddocs/manuscripts/symposium/intro.pdf)
  • MCNABB, K. 2004. Nursery Operations. In Encyclopedia of Forest Sciences, J. BURLEY, J. EVANS, and J. YOUNGQUIST, Editors. Elsevier Academic Press: Amsterdam, etc. p. 649-657.

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IX Congreso Chileno de Ciencias Forestales: "Descubriendo, aceptando desafíos, y cultivando sostenibilidad"Valdivia, Chile

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