3.01.00 - Harvesting and transportation engineering



Call for Submissions - Special Issue on Digitalization of forest operations

in the International Journal of Forest Engineering

The core question addressed within this special issue is how digital automation and IT-based applications can be used and made applicable to benefit the wood supply chain. Current forest operations digitalization research focuses on many aspects, such as the use of scientific visualization to enhance forest planning but also to support the dialogue between different stakeholders, the implementation of new statistical inventory methods that integrate big data sources and the further development of IT-applications which facilitate the assessment of extreme disturbances. Many research groups work on specific processes along the wood supply chain, including digital measurement of wood piles and automation of forest operations in isolation. With this special issue, the editors aim to bring these topics under one umbrella showing the status of current research.

For any further information contact the Special Issue Editors: Janine Schweier, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL) (janine.schweier(at)wsl.ch); Angelo Conrado de Arruda Moura, Sao Paulo State University (UNESP) (angelomoura(at)hotmail.com)

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Raffaele Cavalli, Italy


Abdullah E. Akay, Turkey

Jiangming Kan, China

Angelo Moura, Indonesia

Vladimir Nikitin, Russian Federation

Tibor Pentek, Croatia

About Unit

Continuous technical improvement in forest operations, biomass harvest and transportation, from the stump to the mill, through support of research, promoting network exchanges about methodologies and outstanding results.

Clusters of primary processes are:

(1) tree conversion,
(2) off-road transportation,
(3) material handling, and
(4) on-road transportation

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5th International Symposium of Forest Engineering and Technologies (FETEC 2024): "Forest operation technologies and systems for small-scale forestry applications"Ljubljana, Slovenia
IX Congreso Chileno de Ciencias Forestales: "Descubriendo, aceptando desafíos, y cultivando sostenibilidad"Valdivia, Chile

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