4.01.00 - Forest mensuration and modelling



Webinar Series "Forest Mensuration and Modelling Chats"

Join IUFRO Research Group 4.01.00 - Forest mensuration and modelling in several webinars in 2023:

  • Webinar series "Forest Mensuration and Modelling Chats": "Assessment of Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Community Resource Management Areas in the Northern Savanna Zone"; online; 24 October 2023, 9:05-10:00 am Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). Speaker. Dr. Stella Britwum Acquah, Senior Research Scientist, CSIR-Forestry Research Institute of Ghana. 
    Video recording

  • Webinar series "Forest Mensuration and Modelling Chats": "Small area estimation in forest inventories, what to do when sample sizes become small"; online; 24 May 2023, 8:05-9:00 am Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). Speakers: Dr. Francisco Mauro, Research Associate, University of Valladolid, Spain, and Dr. Bryce Frank, Oregon/Washington State Biometrician, United States Bureau of Land Management.
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  • Webinar series “Modelling mixtures and uneven-aged forests: From pattern to process to application”; online; 25 April 2023, 15:05 – 16:00 Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). Speaker: Dr. David Forrester, Senior Research Scientist at CSIRO, Australia. 
    Video recording

  • Webinar series "Forest Mensuration and Modelling Chats": "Tree species growth of oak and pine in mixture - a dynamic sensitive equilibrium"; online; 28 March 2023, 8:05–9:00 am Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).
    Speaker: Dr. Sonja Vospernik, Associate Professor at BOKU, University of Natural Resources, Department of Forest and Soil Sciences, Institute of Forest Growth. 
    Video recording

  • Webinar series "Forest Mensuration and Modelling Chats": "Measuring biomass and carbon stock in forests of southwestern Amazonia: from science generation to dissemination"; online; 28 February 2023, 7:05–8:00 am Pacific Standard Time (PST). Speaker: Dr. Sabina Cerruto Ribeiro, Associate Professor at the Federal University of Acre, Brazil.
    Video recording   

  • Webinar series "Forest Mensuration and Modelling Chats": "Modeling allometric relationships for Caribbean trees using a mixed-effects random forest algorithm"; online; 26 January 2023, 8:05-9:00 am Pacific Standard time (PST). Speakers: Dr. Sheng-I Yang, Assistant Professor at the University of Tennessee, and Dr. Thomas Brandeis, Research Forester with the Southern Research Station, USDA Forest Service.
    Video recording

For the video recordings of the 2022 webinars in this series, please visit https://www.iufro.org/science/divisions/division-4/40000/40100/publications/.


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Arne Pommerening, Sweden


Ignacio Barbeito, Sweden

State of Knowledge

Forest mensuration (also called forest measurements) has undergone a number of important changes in recent years.  Electronic measuring devices using laser or ultrasound emissions have become commonly used to measure distances.  These devices have reduced the time to measure tree heights considerably, and can be used to quickly obtain other tree parameter measures including spatial positions.  Ground Positioning Systems (GPS) that triangulate satellites to determine ground positions have become widely used.  Read more

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