Forest Genetic Resources

A Multilingual Glossary

The present glossary is the result of a cooperation programme between:

  • the FAO Forestry Department, and
  • the IUFRO SilvaVoc Terminology Project.

The main purpose of the glossary is to provide an overview of the current variety of definitions and of terms applying to concepts frequently used in the field of forest genetic resources. The objective of the glossary is not only to record established and widely accepted definitions of some common terms, but also to show the way and the sense some professions, organizations or countries use the terms. Instead of providing one single definition, the terminology4 will aim at providing, for a given key term, various definitions and meaning developed by various groups for their specific scope and objectives. It should reflect the diversity of users and their complementary approaches, and incorporate their definitions or explanations, in addition to providing standard, universal definitions.

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