About SilvaVoc

IUFRO's clearinghouse for multilingual forest terminology

In the light of forestry research in a changing world, the forestry world needs a clear and comprehensible language and a forum to study and reconsider the correct meaning of forestry terms. With the participation of an increasing number of non-foresters in the decision-making process in forestry, the need for a clear and well defined forest terminology exists worldwide. In order to ensure the continued updating and revision of the terminology basic stock and inclusion of new forestry terms, international cooperation is of extreme importance. In February 1995, IUFRO started a pilot project on forest terminology called SilvaVoc.

SilvaVoc objectives are:

  • to provide bibliographical and consultation services about forest terminologies and terminological activities;
  • to contribute to the harmonization and integration of existing and future terminological data;
  • to make compiled and improved data available in electronic form through computer networks;
  • to produce special glossaries for specific target groups in an appropriate medium of publication.

These activities will both benefit to and from co-operation with Working Party 6.03.02 "Trends in forest terminology"