5.03.00 - Wood protection


Marie-France Thevénon, France


Nasko Terziev, Sweden

About Unit

Research Group 5.03.00 deals with the protection of wood materials from destructive organisms like decay fungi and termites, for example, and from fire. The conservation of existing wood products is important to the sustainability of our timber resources. Two major threats to the expected long service life of wood products - fire and biodeterioration - can be mitigated by proper design and use. This Research Group focuses on these subjects.
One major objective is to present topics of general interest to the international forestry community on wood preservation and fire protection issues, by providing a forum for discussing the critical issues facing wood preservation and fire protection in the world today. A second objective is to provide presentations and a forum to discuss the research conducted by international scientists in this area. Typically, these conferences, workshops or technical forums include research topics on fire safety and wood preservation with a focus on technologies that improve or facilitate the value-added utilization and environmentally acceptable recycling of wood products. Sessions at conferences in which Research Group 5.03 participates are organized around invited papers that give general state-of-the-art reviews, and on volunteered papers from scientists working on various research topics in these areas. In planning international meetings, workshops, and technical forums, concerted efforts are made to complement, and not compete with or duplicate other entities that organize similar events on an international basis.
The Research Group Coordinator and Deputies are responsible for facilitating communications with and between Working Party Coordinators of the Wood Protection Research Group, and for preparing annual progress reports for IUFRO and synthesis reports for IUFRO World Congresses.
The Research Group and the specific Working Parties that are a part of this Unit welcome new members. If you have a specific interest in a particular aspect of Wood Protection, you are encouraged to contact any of the leaders and become involved in our many different activities, technical meetings and workshops.