IUFRO Vernetzt - 2/2023

Issue 2/2023 of the German language newsletter IUFRO Vernetzt highlights a new publication on terminology of forest-related nature-based approaches, presents the new IUFRO Podcast and informs about IUFRO's newly established Science-Policy Programme.

IUFRO Occasional Paper 36 seeks to clarify how seven common terms and concepts are used in the scientific literature, namely "Nature-Based Solution, Ecosystem Based Adaptation, Integrated Landscape Management, Forest Restoration, Forest Landscape Restoration, Afforestation and Rewilding".

Branching out: the forest podcast branches out of IUFRO Spotlight and aims to break down complex forest topics so listeners can discover the role of forests and trees for people and nature. They can also learn what's going on in forest research. The first season will center on the IUFRO World Congress 2024 and its themes.

IUFRO's Science-Policy Programme provides a mechanism for effectively communicating information and scientific expertise to governments and intergovernmental processes related to forests and trees. The Programme consists of different work streams, including the Global Forest Expert Panels (GFEP) initiative, follow-up studies and regional activities.

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