Past events

  • IAWS & IAWA joint conference Montpellier (France) – 24-29 October 2004

  • 4th symposium RCCWS "Wood structure, properties and quality"
    St. Petersburg, Russia, October 13-16, 2004
    Report of the conference and how to order the proceedings (word file 27Kb)

  • 3rd International Dendroecological Laboratory Week
    Freiburg, Germany, 10-14 February 2003
    Conference report (doc file 22 Kb)

  • Tree rings and people
    An International Conference on the Future of Dendrochronology
    A tribute to Fritz Hans Schweingruber (also former deputy of IUFRO 5.09 Tree Ring Analysis)
    Davos, Switzerland, September 22-26, 2001
    Conference Secretariat
    Dr. Paolo Cherubini
    WSL, CH-8903 Birmensdorf – Switzerland
    Phone: +41 1 739 22 78
    Fax: +41 1 739 22 15

  • Eurodendro 2001 Gozd Martuljek, Slovenia (a small village in an Alpine valley of NW Slovenia, near the border with Italy and Austria) from Wednesday 6 – Sunday 10 June 2001 organised by Katarina Cufar and Tom Levanic, University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty Department of Wood Science and Technology

    Eurodendro is a conference of European dendrochronologists. They are invited to give oral and poster presentations of their work. Scientist from other disciplines linked to dendrochronology and from geographical regions outside Europe are also welcome.
    Book of abstracts