Northeast Asia

In October 2004, IUFRO established a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Northeast Asian Forest Forum (NEAFF) and formally recognized NEAFF as its Northeast Asia Chapter. The mission of NEAFF is to promote the environmentally sound and sustainable management of forest ecosystems in the Northeast Asian regions by strengthening the networks among the countries concerned. NEAFF activities focus on reforestation and afforestation, environmental education for sustainable development, and the exchange of information on forest conservation and sustainable forestry in Northeast Asia.

The collaboration between IUFRO and NEAFF aims at building a long-term international partnership in support of forestry research and rehabilitation activities by means of developing and implementing joint research and training projects, sharing experiences gained in each other’s programmes, as well as giving particular attention to information activities, networking and capacity building directed at assisting developing countries in the Northeast Asian region.