World Congress 2010

XXIII IUFRO World Congress 2010 - Seoul, Republic of Korea, 23-28 August 2010
"Forests for the Future: Sustaining Society and the Environment"

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Welcome Address of Korean President

The President of the Republic of Korea, Mr. Lee Myung-bak, gave a welcome address to the delegates during the Opening Ceremony.

Welcome address

Opening Speech of IUFRO President

IUFRO President Don Koo Lee, Republic of Korea, welcomed the delegates to the Congress in the Opening Ceremony on Monday, 23 August 2010.

Find his speech here.

Congress Resolution

Congress Resolution: The Seoul Resolution  -  La Resolución de Seúl  -  La Resolution de Seoul  -  Die Resolution von Seoul

Congress Report

Find more than 400 pages of information about the Congress: ceremonies, scientific programme, special events, tours, the Congress evaluation...

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The abstracts of all Congress sessions were published as a special volume of the International Forestry Review and distributed at the Congress. The volume can be downloaded here: Congress Abstracts

Daily Newsletter

A newsletter was issued daily to present the highlights of each Congress day.

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Friday - Saturday

Keynote Speeches

The keynote speakers were:

  • Monday:
    Ko Un, Republic of Korea: "An Act of Grace from the Forest: How Is Absolution Possible?"
  • Tuesday:
    Frances Seymour, Indonesia: "Title: Forests, Climate Change, and Communities: Making progress up the learning curve"
  • Wednesday:
    Jose Joaquin Campos Arce, Costa Rica: "Integrating scales and sectors to foster sustainable livelihoods, landscapes and forests"
  • Friday:
    Elinor Ostrom, USA: "The potential role of communities in sustainable forest resources"
  • Saturday:
    Peter Shaw Ashton, Britain: "The disastrous trajectory of the rain forests: research imperatives"

Decisions of the International Council

 In its two meetings during the Congress week, the International Council, took important decisions:

The New Team

  • President: Niels Elers Koch, Denmark
  • Vice-President responsible for Divisions: Mike W. Wingfield, South Africa
  • Vice-President responsible for Task Forces, Special Programmes, Projects and IUFRO-led Initiatives: Su See Lee, Malaysia

The New Board

Division Coordinators:

  • Division 1: Björn Hånell, Sweden
  • Division 2: Yousry El-Kassaby, Canada
  • Division 3: Hans Rudolf Heinimann, Switzerland
  • Division 4: Margarida Tomé, Portugal
  • Division 5: Andrew Wong, Malaysia
  • Division 6: Tuija Sievänen, Finland
  • Division 7: Andrew Liebhold, United States
  • Division 8: Jean-Michel Carnus, France
  • Division 9: Daniela Kleinschmit, Sweden/Germany

President's Nominees:

  • José Campos, Costa Rica
  • Ben Chikamai, Kenya
  • Elena Kulikova, Russia
  • Shirong Liu, China
  • Ulrike Pröbstl, Austria

Venue of Congress 2014:

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Honours and Awards presented during the Congress

Honorary Membership

IUFRO is proud to announce that Honorary Membership was conferred upon two current and former officeholders:
They are: 

  • Risto Seppälä, Immediate Past President
  • Eric Teissier du Cros, former Vice-President of IUFRO

Best Poster Award

The winners of the Best Poster Awards are:

Div 1 / Pifeng Lei, University of Freiburg, Germany
"Belowground niche separation and productivity in tree species mixtures

Div 2 / Yoshihiro Hosoo, Shinshu University, Japan
"Isolation and analysis of a gene encoding a potassium membrane transport protein from Cryptomeria japonica"

Div 4 / Sungho Choi, Korea University, Korea
"Predicting the changes in forest distribution using the thermal and hydrological indices"

Div 5 / Lee Su-Yeon, Seoul National University,
"Analysis of terpenoids released during the drying process of Cryptomeria

Div 6 / Maija Faehnle, Finnish Forest Research Institute, Finland
"Evaluating the use of social information in urban forest planning"

Div 7 / Takahashi Yukiko, The University of Tokyo, Japan
"Genetic diversity of the pathogen of Japanese oak wilt, Raffaelea quercivora, in the gallery bored in an oak tree, and mycaniga of the ambrosia beetle, Platypus quercivorus"

Div 8 / Ahn Young San, Korea Forest Research Institute, Korea
"Historical change in sediment yield in Lake Toro catchment, Kushiro/mire, northern Japan over the past 300 years"

IUFRO World Congress Host Scientific Award
Scientific Achievement Award
Outstanding Doctoral Research Award
IUFRO Student Award for Excellence in Forest Science

For more information please download here the special issue of IUFRO News dedicated to the winners of these awards.

Congress News Stories

As part of the Congress promotional activities, IUFRO produced a series of pre-Congress releases that highlighted areas of each of the nine themes to be addressed during the Congress.

  • Forests and Climate Change
  • Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use of Forest Resource
  • Forest Environmental Services
  • Asia's Forests for the Future
  • Forest Products and Production Processes for a Greener Future
  • Emerging Technologies in the Forest Sector
  • Frontiers in Forest and Tree Health
  • Forests, Communities and Cultures
  • Forests, Human Health and Environmental Security

Here you may find the original date of release for each story with a link including translations, media contacts and illustrations:

19 July 2010 - The Healing Effects of Forests
15 June 2010 - Would You Put a Tree in Your Gas Tank?
26 April 2010 - Forest Monitoring: Linking Science and Policy
15 March 2010 - Taking Forestry "Uptown"
15 February 2010 - Bushmeat: Beyond the Ecological Crisis
25 January 2010 - Full-Service Forests: Food, Pharmaceuticals & Fibre
11 January 2010 - Climate Change Adds to Forest Threat
21 December 2009 - Trees: A Low-Cost Climate Mitigation Tool
3 November 2009 - A Rebirth for the Forests of Asia
27 October 2009 - Introductory Story

Media Corner

Congress Statistics

  • Number of participants: 2,734
    Full registration: 2,381
    Daily Registration: 353
  • Number of countries: 92
  • Countries with the largest representation:
    - Republic of Korea: 878 – United States: 164
    - Japan: 272 – Indonesia: 99
    - China: 214
    Number of countries with one delegate: 20
    Delegates who traveled the farthest: Uruguay (19,594 km)
  • Number of sessions: 170
  • Number of oral presentations (in Technical Sessions): 916
  • Number of mounted posters: 1,054
  • Number of lunch boxes distributed: 4,750 (est.)
  • Number of buses used in In-Congress Tours: 96
  • Rainfall during the Congress (Mon-Fri., in Seoul): 183.5 mm

Please click here to see the list of Congress delegates.