Conference on Information Interoperability and Organization for National and Global Forest Information Systems as satellite event of the XII World Forestry Congress
Date: September 17 - 19, 2003;
Venue: Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Conference Website:

One-day business meeting of 6.03.00 during: IUFRO European Regional Conference, Copenhagen, 27-30 August 2002;
For any questions, please contact Carol Green or one of the other conference organizers.
Developing Forest Information Networks - a meeting of forestry and natural resource librarians; Portland, Oregon, USA; August 15 - 16, 2001, Meeting report

IUFRO World Congress - Kuala Lumpur, August 2000

IUFRO 6.03.00 organised a special session on "Forest information services for foresters and society" and held a business meeting.
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