9.01.02 - Communication and public relations



New manual on communicating forest science - call for volunteers

Building upon the popular 'Communicating Forest Science' manual published almost a decade ago, the IUFRO Working Party on Communications and Public Relations has set to revisit this precious resource to make it aligned with the latest trends. The new manual aims at equipping scientists and science communicators with knowledge on communication theory and practice. Drawing upon the digital tools, the revamped manual will be exclusively available online thus giving possibilities to easily link to external resources, embed other digital materials like podcasts and videos and finally make it a living resource to be updated as needed. 

The team is looking for additional volunteers to produce the revamped manual in time for the IUFRO Congress in June 2024. Ideally, candidates would come from within the IUFRO network or are experienced forest science communicators who know IUFRO. If you are interested, please contact Ewa Hermanowicz, the Working Party leader at <e.hermanowicz@fsc.org>. We particularly encourage applications from members from the Global South.

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Ewa Hermanowicz, Germany


Jennifer Hayes, United States

Sheila Mbiru, Kenya

Yasmeen Sands, United States

About Unit

The Working Party was established in 2011. It has the purpose of pursuing the practice and research of communications and public relations to facilitate science communication among IUFRO members.

Working Party objectives follow:

  • understand the effectiveness  and foster the communication efforts of IUFRO scientists including with one another, non-IUFRO scientists, policy makers, and the public.
  • understand social media and other communication advances in communicating about science to develop best practices for IUFRO members.
  • compare selected theory about the science-policy interface with practical experience gained by IUFRO in communicating about forest sciences
  • facilitate the promotion of IUFRO units including Divisions and Task Forces

State of Knowledge

Under construction.