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IUFRO Spotlight #41 - Sustainable Planted Forests to Meet Growing Global Needs

About 25 years ago, planted forests represented 4% of the world's forested area. Today they represent almost 7%. But that 7% provides at least one-third of the world's timber.

IUFRO's Task Force on Sustainable Planted Forests for a Greener Future focuses on issues related to the intensification of planted forest management in order to meet the increasing demand for forest products from growing populations and green economies.

Planted forests are a key component of the green economy, serving not only the traditional timber industry but also emerging transformation processes such as bioplastics, biochemicals and bioenergy.

However, it is important to understand that planted forests are not seen as a replacement for natural forests but rather as being complimentary to natural forests.

IUFRO Task Force on Sustainable Planted Forests for a Greener Future: http://www.iufro.org/science/task-forces/planted-forests/

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