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IUFRO Spotlight #60 - Creating a virtuous circle in forest operations

Newly published study entitled 'Sustainable Forest Operations (SFO): A new paradigm in a changing world and climate' suggests rethinking of forest operations in terms of sustainability.

"The innovation behind this new paradigm of SFO is the integrated approach to forest operations," said Prof Enrico Marchi, of the Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Systems at the University of Florence, Italy, and one of the study's authors. Prof Enrico Marchi is a member of the IUFRO Task Force on Climate Change and Forest Health.

The main takeaway from the paper for policy-makers, according to Dr. Marchi is that "forest harvesting is not just cutting trees to build houses or furniture or to provide heat. Forest operation is the final step in a complex process called forest management that allows one to obtain ecosystem services from the forest, including one of the most important renewable raw materials – wood."

The full paper can be found at: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0048969718312488 

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