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Congress Spotlight #71 - High Time to Again Pay More Attention to Ecological Processes in Sustainable Forest Management

IUFRO Congress session will discuss basic ecological processes and their interactions in various forest ecosystems as well as biodiversity and ecosystem functions and services in relation to forest management.

"We must learn to take the ecological processes and interactions into consideration when we manage forests. Harvesting, thinning, mixed wood management, riparian vegetation management and road construction can all greatly influence those processes and consequently their associated ecological functions and services," says Dr. Liu Shirong, Professor of Forest Ecology and Hydrology and President of the Chinese Academy of Forestry, Beijing, China.

This means we need further research – both basic and applied – on the processes and interactions that underpin ecosystem services as they relate to forest management. Combining new and existing ecological knowledge, innovation and shared understanding, we hope to provide information that will address obstacles and enhance SFM approaches and processes.

Dr. Liu will lead a session entitled: Forest Management Practices and the Responses of Soil Carbon, Water, Nutrients and their Interactions at the IUFRO World Congress in Brazil this autumn.

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