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IUFRO Spotlight #92 - Forests and Fire: Intersectionality of Forests and People

An IUFRO World Day panel discussion between scientists, practitioners and decision-makers examined forests and wildfire research in the Americas.

Throughout the Americas wildfires are changing. Forests are experiencing longer fire seasons, fires occurring outside of historic fire regions, fires burning more land on average each year, and more extreme fire behavior; some of which is attributed to a changing climate. Additionally, we are seeing an increased frequency of wildfires in populated area, impacting more homes and communities.

Panelists noted that some of the wildfire management methods currently employed have been overtaken by events – primarily climate change – and new approaches and strategies that are more reflective of current conditions must be developed.

The online discussion was one of three science-policy forums organized for IUFRO World Day. (The other two – Forests and Water and Forest-based Bioeconomy for All – are covered in separate Spotlights.)
Link to the forums: https://www.iufroworldday.org/science-policy-forums

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