Other Meetings / Events


Online Workshop: Climate Resilience of EU Wood Value Chains

Join the RESONATE Online Backcasting Workshop and explore adaptation measures and societal demand! If you are a forest owner, manager or part of the wood value chain, your insights are crucial and you are encouraged to participate in this workshop to explore the impact of climate change on the resilience of our forests, the wood industry and society's demand for forest products and services, and engage with experts Annechien Dirkje Hoeben, Tobias Stern, Jette Bredahl Jacobsen, and Marie Lautrup in insightful discussions. The workshop is for actors working along the wood value chain and in governing authorities. This includes forest owners and ALL people in industries that process or use wood, such as sawmills, pulpmills, construction, wooden furniture, wood-based textiles and so on.

Date:  19 March 2024, 14:00-16:00 CET
Location:  online
Organizers:  Horizon2020 Project RESONATE

Details:  https://resonateforest.org/join-our-workshop-climate-resilience-of-eu-wood-value-chains/


Webinar: The roots of innovation – setting the course for innovation and sustainable growth in the forest sector

FOREST EUROPE is organizing a webinar, "The roots of innovation – setting the course for innovation and sustainable growth in the forest sector." This will be in the run-up to the International Day of Forests 2024, whose theme is 'Forests and Innovation.' The webinar is specifically for you if you are a member of the FOREST EUROPE signatories, observer organizations and countries, private sector, industry, students, research organizations, or just an interested person in innovation. Join FOREST EUROPE as they engage with policymakers, practitioners, and start-ups to tackle different aspects of innovations with the goal of raising awareness around the topic and giving visibility to the innovations in the sector as they address policy gaps.

Date:  14 March 2024, 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm CET
Location:  online
Organizers:  FOREST EUROPE

Details:  https://foresteurope.org/event/the-roots-of-innovation-setting-the-course-for-innovation-and-sustainable-growth-in-the-forest-sector/ 


Forestry Speed Dating: Unlocking forest carbon markets – Event 6

How do governments tackle environmental challenges like carbon emissions? Join the European Forest Institute, EFI, for the Forestry Speed Dating: Unlocking forest carbon markets – Event 6 and gain insights into public scheme initiatives from Catalonia, Spain and Poland: - Catalonia: Climate Credit System; - Poland: Carbon Forests Project.

Date:  14 March 2024, 10:00 - 11:15 AM CET
Location:  online
Organizers:  European Forest Institute – Bioregions Facility

Details:  https://fsd-event6.eventbrite.fi     


8th Mediterranean Forest Week

Save the date for the next edition of the Mediterranean Forest Week (MFW), focusing on the restoration of forest ecosystems in the Mediterranean region. The MFW serves as a platform for cooperation among researchers, policymakers, and stakeholders, fostering dialogue on the challenges faced by Mediterranean forests.

Despite the continuous increase in forest cover over the past decades, mainly due to land use changes, the region faces challenges, including 80 million hectares of degraded land and 400,000 hectares burnt every year by wildfires. Climate change threatens 16% of animal and plant species in Mediterranean forests, while the severity and length of droughts shrinks the distribution ranges of the most important tree species in the Mediterranean. The 8th MFW will delve into solutions and initiatives for the restoration and sustainable management of these ecosystems.

MFW is one of the highlights of the Mediterranean forest calendar, offering the opportunity for networking, brainstorming and solution sharing on the most crucial issues for Mediterranean forests. MFW brings the Mediterranean forest community together for a deep dive into what is happening today and for the future in Mediterranean forests.

Date:  4-8 November 2024
Location:  Barcelona, Spain
Organizers:  The Secretariat of the FAO Committee of Mediterranean Forestry Questions – Silva Mediterranea, The European Forest Institute Mediterranean Facility (EFIMED)

Details:  https://medforest.net/2023/12/19/save-the-date-the-8th-mediterranean-forest-week/
Contact:  Silva-Mediterranea(at)fao.org, efimed(at)efi.int


12th World Bamboo Congress

Every 3 to 4 years the World Bamboo Organization organizes a World Bamboo Congress, which is the culmination of the efforts to physically unite bamboo enthusiasts and professionals. In the name of bamboo, the Congress brings people from around the world together to meet, discuss, network, collaborate, and exchange with the intention of improving understanding and stimulating potential. The theme of this Congress is 'Next Generation Bamboo: Solution, Innovation and Design'.

Date:  18-23 April 2024
Location:  Hsinchu, China-Taipei, and Nantou, China-Taipei
Organizers:  World Bamboo Organization, Taiwan Bamboo Society and Taiwanese Forest and Nature Conservancy

Details:  www.worldbamboocongress.org
Contact:  info(at)worldbamboo.net


4th European i-Tree Conference & Urban ReLeaf Conference

Join the 4th European i-Tree Conference and Urban ReLeaf Conference, in the beautiful city of Dundee, Scotland. The theme this year is 'Turning data into action, in and around the urban forest'. The 2024 i-Tree and Urban ReLeaf conferences will provide a great opportunity to connect with experts and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines: municipalities, citizen associations, civil society organisations, businesses, authoritative data agencies, urban planners, architects, and more.


8th Forest & Wood Innovation Forum

This forum is the very first forum that focuses on forest, timber and wood technologies. Welcome are any startup and SME along the entire value chain from green biotechnology, plant breeding, reforestation, any IoT & software applications, drones, timber works, smart services & trade, game & hunting, fire incidence detection and combating technologies, machinery, construction, furniture, viscose fiber, paper & pulp, pallets, wood based heating, biocomposites, wood composites, biomass technologies, wood recycling, wood surface protection (varnishes) and forest related services, smart cities green(ing)s and park, facade greening, roof gardening ... looking for funding, clients, joint ventures or just for a professional PR & marketing opportunity.

Date:  14 March 2024
Location:  Eberswalde, Germany
Organizers:  International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS)

Registration:  https://worldresourceventures.com/registration-march-14th-2024.html
Details:  https://worldresourceventures.com/program-march-14th-2024.html


International Forest Business Conference (IFBC): New Forest Business Frontiers

A greater demand for energy, volatility in the fossil fuel markets, climate change and increasing material resource scarcity are considered as the most significant sustainability megaforces shaping global economy, and forestry and wood industry markets over next 15 years. Together with unstable consumer demand, uncertain policies and indifference among regulators, forest and other sectors have never experienced such significant barriers to advancing sustainability and profitability. The two-day International Forest Business Conference (IFBC) focuses on megatrends that shape responsible forest and wood industry investments for climate action. The conference aims to bring together leading forest management organizations (TIMOs), investors interested in forest assets and carbon offsets (e.g., net-zero companies, public and corporate pension funds, wealth managers and private banks, sovereign wealth funds, foundations and endowments), sustainable wood industry representatives, forestry-related software companies in order to exchange and share experiences and ideas about challenges and opportunities for forest sector as a natural climate solution. The IFBC also highlights the transformation of global businesses towards a low-carbon bioeconomy, discuss tensions between sustainability and cost competitiveness, and call attention to new green innovations. Several IUFRO officeholders are speakers at the conference.

Date:  20-21 May 2024
Location:  Sopot, Poland
Organizers:  Forest Business Analytics (FBA)

Details at:  https://fba-events.com/index.php/summary/; https://fba-events.com/index.php/speakers-2024/ 


Centennial Celebration and Congress of the International Union of Soil Sciences - "100 years of soil science - past achievements and future challenges"

The custodian of soil science will celebrate its centennial contribute to the nature and human wellbeing in 2024. The event will also empower the linkages with different disciplines, policy makers, stakeholders, institutions, and associations to effectively address civil society needs within agriculture, forestry, environment, urban planning, energy, education, and other societal issues.

The celebration will occur on May 19th and will be followed by two intense days of congress, with plenary and parallel scientific sessions. Both soil scientists and specialists from other disciplines will participate to each session, focusing on past achievements and future challenges.

The congress will be followed by technical/scientific excursions that will range from short local to long trips, spanning from Alps to Sicily. A pre-congress visit to Villa Lubin in Rome, the historical place where the IUSS was founded, is scheduled on May 18th.

Date:  19-21 May 2024
Location:  Florence, Italy
Organizers:  The International Union of Soil Sciences; The Italian Society of Soil Science

Details:  https://centennialiuss2024.org/  
Session proposals can be submitted until 30 June 2023https://centennialiuss2024.org/call-for-session/
Contact:  Filiberto Altobelli, segretario(at)scienzadelsuolo.org