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Power of One PhD Fellowship // 1 February 2023

The Quinney College of Natural Resources (QCNR) at Utah State University (USU) is offering a PhD program for a student from a developing nation. The assistantship covers tuition and fees, health insurance, books and materials, housing and food, and a significant research support component for up to 4 years. On an annual basis, the total award is approx. $26,000 for stipend, $11,750 for tuition, health insurance, and fees, and $17,100 for research and outreach activities for up to 4 years. The goal is to combine scholarship with real-world impact.

Before beginning the formal application process, student candidates must establish contact with a QCNR faculty member who is able and willing to serve as their graduate advisor for the program, then look through the department directories.Once a mentoring agreement from a faculty member is secured, student candidates can proceed to submit the standard application packet to the USU School of Graduate Studies, https://gradschool.usu.edu/admissions/index.

Institution:  Quinney College of Natural Resources (QCNR), Utah State University (USU), https://qcnr.usu.edu/

Closing date:  1 February 2023

Details:  https://qcnr.usu.edu/graduate/power-of-one