Climate Change and Forest Health

Task Force Coordinator:

Elena Paoletti, Italy


Eckehard Brockerhoff, Switzerland

Marcus Lindner, Finland

Background and objectives

Climate change is one of the most challenging issues for global forests at present. Forests are strongly affected by climate change while at the same time healthy and well-adapted forests are instrumental in the fight against climate change. This TF aims at improving our understanding of the processes regulating the interactions between forests and climate in order to address how forest ecosystems can be made more resilient against climate. The multi-faceted aspects of these interactions pivot around forest health, with focus on nitrogen and ozone pollution, insect attacks, increased temperature and drought, and the carbon balance.

The TF is divided into three pillars (Effects, Adaptation, Mitigation). Each pillar is divided into modules, with one leader and several members. Each module will deliver an authoritative review (state-of-science) paper within two years, for publication in a highly-recognized journal. Every module is encouraged to include socio-economic remarks at the end of the paper. A comprehensive final report will be prepared in form of position paper by integrating all modules and pillars.

Read more about the Effects Modules, the Adapation Modules and the Mitigation Modules.

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