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Call for Submission of Manuscripts: Special Issue 'Challenges, Opportunities and Trends for The Forest Sector in Latin America'

Contributions are invited for a special issue of the journal Journal of Forest Business Research, on the topic of 'Challenges, Opportunities and Trends for The Forest Sector in Latin America'.

Latin America has developed its commercial forestry sectors in different ways, with one common feature: the incorporation of plantations, which reduce pressure on the use of native forests. The growth of these sectors has brought about development in forest management practices, introduction of species, new products, incorporation of new technologies, as well as attraction of investment to the sector, both national and foreign. On the other hand, these sectors present challenges in terms of the development of new products, access to international markets and, in some cases, the development of local markets, added to the challenges implied by adaptation to climate change, as well as the mitigation of the effects that it generates, and the opportunities for the sector to form part of a national bioeconomy strategy.

This special edition aims to learn about the different aspects of the development of the forestry sectors in Latin America, discussing their current situation as well as their challenges and opportunities in a changing world.

Deadline for manuscript submissions:  30 November 2023

Special issue guest editors:  Virginia Morales Olmos - Department of Economics, Northeast Region, University of the Republic, Uruguay; Vitor Afonso Hoeflich - Postgraduate Program in Forest Engineering, Federal University of Paraná, Brazil.

Details:  https://forest-journal.com/index.php/JFBR/announcement/view/3

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Virginia Morales Olmos, Uruguay


Francisco Aguilar Cabezas, Sweden

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