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  1. Acid Rain 2020: The Future Environment and Role of Multiple Air Pollutants, 10th International Conference on Acid Deposition
  2. XXVI IUFRO World Congress
  3. Joint meeting IUFRO WP 7.02.13 and 7.02.03: Novel and classical strategies to manage forest health in plantations
  4. 20th IBFRA Conference: Climate Resilient and Sustainable Forest Management - IBFRA 2023
  5. Deal for Green? Contribution of managerial economics, accounting, and cross-sectoral policy analysis to climate neutrality and forest management
  6. Webinar series "Forest Mensuration and Modelling Chats": "Modeling allometric relationships for Caribbean trees using a mixed-effects random forest algorithm"
  7. Webinar series "Forest Mensuration and Modelling Chats": "Tree species growth of oak and pine in mixture - a dynamic sensitive equilibrium"
  8. First Scientific Conference for young scientists of Southeast Europe "Forestry Science: Development and Progress Based on the Past"
  9. Webinar series: "Forest Mensuration and Modelling Chats": Measuring biomass and carbon stock in forests of southwestern Amazonia: from science generation to dissemination
  10. Webinar series "Forest Mensuration and Modelling Chats": "Assessment of Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Community Resource Management Areas in the Northern Savanna Zone"
  11. Webinar series "Forest Mensuration and Modelling Chats": "Small area estimation in forest inventories, what to do when sample sizes become small"
  12. Forest Establishment and Early Growth Dynamics: Re-invigorating planted forest establishment research; Rotorua
  13. 2024 Short Rotation Woody Crops International Conference - The Future is Green: Integrating Short Rotation Woody Crops (SRWC), Agroforestry, and Ecosystem Services for Sustainable, Productive Landscapes
  14. Theory and Practice to address Defoliating insects, Invasive Pests and Biological Control of Insects and Pathogens in Forests
  15. 11th Meeting of the IUFRO Working Party 7.02.09: Phytophthora in Forests and Natural Ecosystems
  16. 2023 Southern and Northeastern Mensurationists Conference (2023 SOMENS+NEMO)
  17. International Oak Symposium
  18. Division 7 Webinar Series in celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science


  1. 1.06.00 - Restoration of degraded sites
  2. Activities and events
  3. Publications and references
  4. Expertise offered by Unit
  5. 1.02.04 - Sustainable management and genetic resources in Meliaceae
  6. 7.03.15 - Social dimensions of forest health
  7. 5.12.00 - Sustainable utilization of forest products
  8. 7.03.01 - Reproductive structure insects & pathogens
  9. 8.04.06 - Nitrogen and sulfur deposition
  10. 9.05.04 - Forest policies in the Baltic and CEE regions
  11. 7.03.16 - Behavioral and Chemical Ecology of Forest Insects
  12. 7.03.17 - Tree Health in Urban Forests
  13. 2.04.12 - Forest genetic monitoring
  14. 9.04.05 - Economics of biodiversity and protected areas
  15. 5.16.00 - Wood identification
  16. 5.16.01 - Wood collections and databases
  17. 5.16.02 - Anatomical identification of wood
  18. 5.16.03 - Multidisciplinary identification of wood