World Congress 2019

XXV IUFRO World Congress 2019
"Forest Research and Cooperation for Sustainable Development"

Curitiba, Brazil; 29 September - 5 October 2019
Congress website:

Congress Scientific Committee Chair: Jerry Vanclay

Congress Organizing Committee Chair: Joberto Veloso de Freitas
Congress Organizing Committee Co-Chair: Yeda Maria Malheiros De Oliveira - #iufro2019                 - #iufro2019


President Elect Dr. John Parrotta, USA, addressed the delegates during the Closing Ceremony of the Congress.
Please find his message here.

Present challenges to global forests and the role of IUFRO
John A Parrotta  
iForest - Biogeosciences and Forestry, Volume 12, Issue 6, Pages 488-490 (2019)
Published: Nov 02, 2019 - Copyright © 2019 SISEF


Read the speech that Jerry Vanclay, Chair of the Congress Scientific Committee, held during the Closing Ceremony. PDF for download.


Congress Report

More than 130 pages of information about the Congress: ceremonies, scientific programme, special events, tours, the Congress evaluation...



The abstracts of the technical sessions are published as Special Issue of the Journal PFB Pesquisa Forestal Brasileira - Brazilian Journal of Forestry Research, v. 39, e201902043, 2109, ISSN 1809.

PDF for download


Opening Ceremony:
Closing Ceremony:

Watch short video clips of the Congress at

As part of the IFSA (International Forestry Students' Association) delegation, three students attended the Congress, sharing daily impressions of the Congress and supporting the IUFRO communications team in stressing the importance of nowadays hot topics in forestry research.

Find their videos here: Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3 - Day 4 - Day 5

Other Videos

Wangari Maathai Award and Statements by Partners, Launch of GFEP video:
Interview with Léonidas Nzigiyimpa, winner of the Wangari Maathai Forest Champions Award:
Interview with Hiroto Mitsugi, Chair of the Collaborative Partnership on Forests, on the winner of this year's Wangari Maathai Forest Champions Award:


The photos taken during the Congress are available at


The Congress marks the start of a new IUFRO Board term. Therefore, new Coordinators of Divisions and Task Forces and other new Board members were presented in Curitiba. 

The New Team

  • President: John Parrotta, United States
  • Vice-President responsible for Divisions: Daniela Kleinschmit, Germany
  • Vice-President responsible for Task Forces, Special Programmes, Projects and IUFRO-led Initiatives: Shirong Liu, China

IUFRO Divisions and their Coordinators

  • Division 1 Silviculture: Jens P. Skovsgaard
  • Division 2 Physiology and Genetics, Santiago González Martínez
  • Division 3 Forest Operations Engineering and Management: Woodam Chung
  • Division 4 Forest Assessment, Modelling and Management: Donald Hodges
  • Division 5 Forest Products: Pekka Saranpää
  • Division 6 Social Aspects of Forests and Forestry: Cecil Konijnendijk
  • Division 7 Forest Health: Eckehard Brockerhoff
  • Division 8 Forest Environment: Sandra Luque
  • Division 9 Forest Policy and Economics: Monica Gabay

IUFRO Task Forces and their Coordinators

  • Forest Education: Sandra Rodríguez-Pineros and Khalil Walji
  • Monitoring Global Tree Mortality Patterns and Trends: Henrik Hartmann
  • Fire$ - Economic Drivers of Global Wildland Fire Activity: François-Nicolas Robinne
  • Forests and Water Interactions in a Changing Environment: Xiaohua (Adam) Wei
  • Gender Equality in Forestry: Gun Lidestav
  • Resilient Planted Forests Serving Society & Bioeconomy: Christophe Orazio
  • Strengthening Mediterranean Nursery Systems for Forest Reproductive Material Procurement to Adapt to the Effects of Climate Change: Fulvio Ducci
  • Unlocking the Bioeconomy and Non-Timber Forest Products: James Chamberlain
  • Transforming Forest Landscapes for Futures Climates and Human Well-Being: Andreas Bolte

Find a list of all Board members here:

Venue of Congress 2024:

Stockholm, Sweden

Honours and Awards

Honorary Membership
Niels Elers Koch, Denmark

Distinguished Service Award
Yeda M. Malheiros de Oliveira, Brazil, Congress Organizing Committee Co-Chair
Joberto Veloso de Freitas, Brazil, Congress Organizing Committee Co-Chair
Jerry Vanclay, Australia, Congress Scientific Committee Chair
Piotr Paschalis Jakubowicz, Poland, promoter of IUFRO activities in forest education
John Stanturf, U.S.A., engagement in IUFRO-SPDC thematic networking and training activities

Congress Host Country Scientific Award
Sebastião do Amaral Machado
José Natalino Macedo Silva
Celso Edmundo Bochetti Foelkel
Maria José Zakia (Zezé)

Scientific Achievement Award
S. Ellen Macdonald, Canada
José L. de Moraes Gonçalves, Brazil
Maria Nijnik, U.K. (not present during award ceremony)
David J. Nowak, U.S.A.
Elena Paoletti, Italy
Marielos Peña-Claros, Netherlands
Terence C.H. Sunderland, Canada
Margarida Tomé, Portugal
Daowei Zhang, U.S.A.
Junyong Zhu, U.S.A. (not present during award ceremony)

Outstanding Doctoral Research Award
Angela L. de Avila, Brazil/Germany
Sarah L. Burns, Argentina
Andrea Hevia Cabal, Spain
Verónica F. Loewe Muñoz, Chile
Lichao Jiao, China
Rubén Valbuena, Spain
Ida Wallin, Germany
Zhen Yu, U.S.A.
René Zamora-Cristales, Guatemala  

Student Award for Excellence in Forest Science
Shankar Adhikari, Nepal
Katharina Albrich, Austria
Shourav Dutta, Bangladesh
Ange A. Raharivololoniaina, Madagascar
Andrea M. Vasquez-Fernandez, Peru
Khalil Walji, Canada  

Best Poster Award
Elizabeth Neire da Silva, Brazil
Angeline Martini, Brazil
Masakazu G. Iwaizumi, Japan
Wouyo Atakpam, Togo
Naohiro Imamura, Japan
Giovanni Mastrolonardo, Italy
Luiz Felipe de Castro Galizia, Spain
Tchegoun Blaise Tchetan, Benin

CPF Wangari Maathai Award
Leonidas Nzigiyimpa, Burundi

IUFRO-SPDC Pre-Congress Training Workshops

In the week prior to the XXV IUFRO World Congress four TRAINING WORKSHOPS on

(I)    Scientific Methods in Forest Research;
(II)    Systematic Reviews in Forest Science;
(III)    Implementing Forest Landscape Restoration in Africa and Asia; and
(IV)    Implementing Forest Landscape Restoration in Latin America

took place in parallel sessions:

All training workshops were fully booked.

Calls and Important Documents

  • 29 September 2019 - Congress begins
  • 13 June 2019 -  Communiqué regarding the IUFRO World Congress 2019 in Brazil - PDF for download in English - Spanish - Portuguese 
  • 31 May 2019 - Registration deadline for early-bird registrations and presenting authors
  • 28 February 2019 -  Authors advised of decisions on their abstracts
  • 10 January 2019 - Deadline for submission of abstracts
  • October 2018 - Call for abstracts
    Deadline: 31 December 2018
  • 31 August 2018 - Decisions on session proposals advised
  • 3 August 2018 - Deadline for submission of session proposals
  • 24 May 2018 - Call for Session Proposals
    Deadline: 3 August 2018
  • 6 March 2017
    Call for Nominations for IUFRO Awards
    Deadline: 31 August 2018

Congress Statistics

Participants: 2,725

  • East Asia & Pacific: 407
  • Europe & Central Asia: 609
  • Latin America & Caribbean: 1294
  • Middle East & North Africa: 11
  • North America: 258
  • South Asia: 36
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: 11
  • <20: 3
  • 20-30: 342
  • 30-40: 677
  • 40-50: 591
  • 50-60: 761
  • 60-70: 306
  • 70-80: 38
  • >80: 5
  • Female: 1067 (39%)
  • Male: 1658 (61%)


  • Plenaries: 5
  • Subplenaries: 19
  • Technical: 182
  • Abstracts: 2,612
  • Oral Presentations: 1,648
  • E-poster sessions : 964
  • Session organizers: 195
  • Side events: 31

Destinations for technical visits: 15


  • Overall space: 3,780 m2 space
  • Exhibitor spaces: 40

Student volunteeers: 103