125 Years of IUFRO - Anniversary Congress

125 Years of IUFRO
Freiburg, Germany
18-22 September 2017

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Key dates

  • 4 April 2016: Call for Session Proposals
  • 15 June 2016: Deadline Call for Session Proposals
  • 1 September 2016: Call for Abstracts
  • 15 November 2016: Deadline Call for Abstracts
  • 22 March 2017: Start Online Registration
  • 1 June 2017: Deadline Early Registration
  • 18-22 September 2017: 125th Anniversary Congress 2017

Key Figures

  • 183 individual sessions;
  • 1879 scientific presentations (1427 oral and 452 poster presentations);
  • The roughly 2000 registered participants came from 89 different countries from all continents;
  • Almost 40% of participants were women.        

In the Media

Videos and Livestreams

Video Interviews with Congress Participants

Interviews about the Congress as a unique platform of knowledge exchange, about the relevance of IUFRO today and in future, and about trends and needs in the wide spectrum of forest-related science

  1. Mike Wingfield, IUFRO President (University of Pretoria, South Africa), interviewed by Sophie Schoenaich-Carolath (Die Kuppel, Germany)
    Link: https://youtu.be/QdCSKBY_OC0  

  2. Andrew Liebhold, Chair of the Anniversary Congress Scientific Committee (Forest Service, USA), interviewed by Konstantin von Teuffel, Chair of Anniversary Congress Organizing Committee (FVA Baden-Württemberg, Germany)
    Link: https://youtu.be/H4xquZ1Uljk

  3. Alexander Buck, IUFRO Executive Director (IUFRO, Austria), interviewed by Sophie Schoenaich-Carolath (Die Kuppel, Germany)
    Link: https://youtu.be/9UECHHBMxXA

  4. Paolo Cerutti, forest scientist (CIFOR, Italy), interviewed by Daniela Kleinschmit, Congress Organizing Committee (University of Freiburg, Germany)
    Link: https://youtu.be/fhsR-arXaOI

  5. Andreas Rigling, Congress Organizing Committee (WSL, Switzerland), interviewed by Peter Mayer, Congress Organizing Committee (BFW, Austria)
    Link: https://youtu.be/_iOKAP09knY

  6. Salina Abraham, IFSA President (International Forestry Students’ Association, Netherlands), interviewed by Sophie Schoenaich-Carolath (Die Kuppel, Germany)
    Link: https://youtu.be/u6hORC_yTSA

  7. Jean-Luc Peyron, Congress Organizing Committee (Public Interest Group GIP on Forest Ecosystems, France) interviewed by Erwin Dreyer, Congress Organizing Committee (INRA, Fance)
    Link: https://youtu.be/q-_yFxiPpu0

  8. Christoph Hartebrodt, forest scientist (FVA Baden-Württemberg, Germany), interviewed by Sophie Schoenaich-Carolath (Die Kuppel, Germany)
    Link: https://youtu.be/rFJ12Yf1ZAs    

Interviews with Division Coordinators

  • Division 3 - Woodam Chung: On Forest Operations Engineering and ManagementPDF for download 
  • Division 4 - Jean-Luc Peyron: On Forest Assessment, Modelling and ManagementPDF for download 
  • Division 6 - Tuija Sievänen: On Social Aspects of Forests and ForestryPDF for download 
  • Division 7 - Eckehard Brockerhoff: On Forest HealthPDF for download 
  • Division 9 - Daniela Kleinschmit: On Forest Policy and Economics. PDF for download 

Interviews with Keynote Speakers

  • Werner Kurz, Canadian Forest Service (Natural Resources Canada), Canada: Using the forest sector to help mitigate climate change. Blog entry - PDF for download       
  • Robin Chazdon, University of Connecticut, USA: Forest restoration means more than planting trees. Blog entry - PDF for download       
  • Will Steffen, The Australian National University and the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Australia: The Earth System, the Anthropocene and the world's forests. Blog entry - PDF for download         
  • Hojka Kraigher, Slovenian Forestry Institute, Slovenia: Hidden biodiversity and forest dynamics. Blog entry - PDF for download 
  • Arun Agrawal, University of Michigan, USA: The perverse outcomes of incentives for forest conservation. Blog entry - PDF for download