Policy Briefs


Policy brief: Making forests work for people and nature – Responding to global drivers of change

This policy brief is based on the book Forests and Society – Responding to Global Drivers of Change, IUFRO World Series Volume 25.

The information on forest area and changes in forest area has been updated with data from the FAO Forest Resources Assessment 2010 (Global Forest Resources Assessment 2010. Main Report. FAO Forestry Paper 163). Information on the economic value of biodiversity loss was derived from the Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiver- sity (TEEB) study (https://www.teebweb.org).

Key Messages

  • Forests are crucial for human well-being
  • Drivers of change interact to impact forests
  • Institutional cooperation and broad participation are needed
  • Intersectoral landscape-scale management approaches are necessary
  • Capacity building, research and education are critical

ISBN 978-951-40-2278-4

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