Membership fees are paid annually.

For member organizations they consist of 2 components:

  1. A basic annual membership fee, plus
  2. An amount that depends on how many researchers are employed with the member organization

According to IUFRO's Internal Regulations the basic annual membership fee for Member Organizations (1) is based on the World Bank List of Economies (January 2022) and amounts to:

  • 164 EURO for low-income economies,
  • 327 EURO for lower middle-income economies,
  • 492 EURO for upper middle-income economies and
  • 655 EURO for high-income economies.

Additionally (2) a membership organization pays a minimum of 164 EURO. If more than 10 researchers are employed the additional amount increases by 164 EURO in steps of 10 researchers, starting with the 11th researcher. So for up to 10 researchers the additional amount is 164 EURO, for 11-20 researchers the additional amount is 328 EURO and so on.

Thus, the full minimum fee for any Member Organization is 328 EUR - this amount applies to an organization from a low-income economy with up to 10 researchers. For a Member Organization from a high-income economy with up to 10 researchers the full fee amounts to 819 EUR.

The annual fee for individuals who are members - Associate Members - is 66 EURO for low-income and lower middle-income economies, and 132 Euro for upper middle-income and high-income economies.