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Scientific Summary No. 77, 2010

Community involvement in natural resource management has interesting dynamics and a great potential. It is important to understand this dynamics properly and make optimum use of this potential in order to face challenges like climate change.

In his article entitled "Redefining Community Forestry: For a Better Approach and Better World", Bikash Rath, Coordinator of the IUFRO Working Party 9.05.06 discusses various definitions of community forestry. Community forestry is normally seen or defined as involvement of local communities in the protection and/or management of public forests. This perception, however, does not distinguish between community forestry, participatory forestry, and other related terms such as citizen forestry and social forestry and, thus, ignores the actual social and legal circumstances. Defining 'Community forestry' properly is necessary to promote public forest governance, particularly decentralized forest governance.


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Redefining Community Forestry

By Bikash Rath, Development Professional and Researcher from India, Coordinator of the IUFRO Working Party on Community Forestry 9.05.06


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