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Scientific Summary 141 in IUFRO News Vol. 45, Issue 10, mid-October 2016

IUFRO Extension & Knowledge Exchange Working Party discussed new approaches of increasing capacity for program delivery through knowledge exchange networks and peer-to-peer learning.

Scientific Summary #141 - Engagement of Stakeholders at the Local Level is Critical for Success

Presentations at the conference held on 25-30 September 30, 2016, in Kenora, Ontario, Canada, covered a wide range of approaches to engagement and dissemination. Participants represented a variety of disciplines including agroforestry, community development, forest products, biofuels, prescribed fire, and social science

The major conclusion across presentations was that engagement of stakeholders at the local level is critical for success. Finding a local "champion" or utilizing peer-to-peer learning can be very effective in increasing capacity of local extensionists.

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