Happy International Day of Forests - happy World Water Day!

Watch an interview with GFEP scientists on the vital role of forest and water interactions for cities! Read the latest IUFRO Spotlight on how urban forest design can improve people's health!

GFEP Interview: Forests and Water for Cities

On the occasion of this year's International Day of Forests (IDF on 21 March: 'Forests for Sustainable Cities') and the World Water Day (WWD on 22 March: 'Nature for Water'), members of the IUFRO-led Global Forest Expert Panel (GFEP) on Forests and Water – a joint initiative of the Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF) - talk about the role of forests and water for cities. The interviewed experts belong to a team of internationally recognized scientists who have authored the Global Forest Expert Panel's assessment report on interactions between forests and water to be launched in July 2018. (About GFEP:

Watch the interview here:

IUFRO Spotlight: To build a healthier city, build a better forest

Recent innovative studies conducted in Canada and the U.S. show that trees remove air pollution – both gaseous and particulate pollutants – and this has a beneficial effect on human health. And, while the concepts of trees scrubbing the air and cleaner air having beneficial effects are not particularly new, "the innovation derives from linking pollution removal by trees to human health in cities," said Dr. David Nowak of the US Forest Service, and one of the authors of the studies. Dr. Nowak, Coordinator of IUFRO's Research Group 6.07.00 – Urban forestry, also highlights free tools available to aid cities and forest managers globally in assessing their current forest structure and benefits (

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