Scientists Pledge to Speed up Efforts to Counter Global Forest Threats

At the 25th IUFRO World Congress there is common understanding regarding the critical role that forests, trees and forest products play for the future of the planet.

Participating scientists have repeatedly expressed their strong commitment to step up efforts and collaboration in support of the UN’s 2030 Global Development Agenda, its 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Climate Agreement, the Aichi Biodiversity Targets, and related international processes.

In order to give forest science a stronger voice and ensure that the contributions of forest science towards overcoming serious threats to forests such as climate change are better heard, the following statement was drafted in which forest scientists commit to accelerate our own efforts to provide knowledge and practical solutions

To foster good land management for water and wildlife;
To prevent deforestation and to repair damaged landscapes;

To supply wood products that have a lower carbon footprint than alternatives; and
To enable forests to fulfil the physical and spiritual needs of society.

They also reiterated the calls by the global youth to "listen to the scientists", and recognised the need for the science community to speak up in new ways to highlight the fundamental role science and technology must play in finding effective, economically viable solutions.

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