Announcing IUFRO-Mondi Partnership

Global packaging and paper company Mondi and global forest science network IUFRO partner to identify science-based responses to climate-related threats to forests and forest-based industries.

The IUFRO-Mondi partnership, as a global partnership with a pan-European focus, aims to establish a science-business platform where both organizations will work together to address forest-related climate change challenges. This partnership comes at a crucial time when drought, extreme weather events and outbreaks of forest pests and diseases are causing severe damage to forests in many parts of the world.

The main focus of the partnership will include: think tank meetings that provide information on and access to the latest data on climate change and SDGs and identify options for response measures to mitigate risks; stakeholder dialogues to share and discuss findings of studies, and engage partners and public, private and civil society stakeholders to identify pathways and options for the way forward; scientific studies, workshops; and regular communications to facilitate best practice sharing.

Press release: iufro-mondi-partnership-2021-pressrelease-en.pdf


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