IUFRO News Vol. 51, Issue 9, early October 2022

Read about the All-IUFRO Conference, learn about the Global Forest Education Assessment and other new publications, and find out about recent meetings on topics such as systems analysis, managerial economics, and more…

The first ever All-IUFRO hybrid conference took place from 21-23 September in Vienna, Austria, under the title "Forests in a Volatile World – Global Collaboration to Sustain Forests and Their Societal Benefits". Read about three days of interesting presentations, exciting discussions, well deserved awards, inspiring mentoring activities, and enjoyable excursions.

The IUFRO 4.05.00 conference targeted researchers and practitioners engaged in managerial, social, and environmental forest economics and accounting, management of forest enterprises, forest ecosystem services, land-use, resource policy, social innovation, decision support making, and related fields under the bioeconomy paradigm.

The 19th Symposium on Systems Analysis in Forest Resources (SSAFR) brought together researchers and practitioners that develop and apply methods of optimization, simulation, management science and systems analysis to forestry problems. It reported the state-of-the art on the development and use of operations research and systems analysis to enhance forest management planning. 

The new and comprehensive "Global Assessment of Forest Education" examines the status of forest education and identifies much needed actions. The assessment was carried out jointly by FAO, ITTO and IUFRO.

The new publication titled "A Decade of REDD+: Stakeholder Perceptions of its Implementation" by IUFRO-GFEP is now available. It synthesizes the responses and comments from the nearly 200 stakeholders who were interviewed on REDD+ implementation on the ground.


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