New in IUFRO: The Science-Policy Programme

The Global Forest Expert Panels (GFEP) Programme has now developed from a project initiative into a fully-fledged Science-Policy Programme in accordance with the post-2020 Strategy of IUFRO and its objective to further enhance IUFRO's impact on policy processes.

IUFRO's Science-Policy Programme provides a mechanism for effectively communicating information and scientific expertise to governments and intergovernmental processes related to forests and trees.

The objectives of the Science-Policy Programme are to:

  • Serve as IUFRO's focal point for all international policy processes and undertake routine and timely engagements with them.
  • Facilitate and prioritize IUFRO's inputs to various intergovernmental and international policy processes.
  • Mobilize and synthesize relevant scientific expertise to contribute to intergovernmental and international policy processes and tailor this information to different political settings.
  • Ensure clear and coherent communication with internal and external collaborators, including IUFRO's Special Programmes, Divisions, Task Forces, and officeholders, as well as IUFRO partners and donors.

The Programme consists of different work streams, including the Global Forest Expert Panels (GFEP) Initiative, Follow-up Studies and regional activities. It will help to ensure that IUFRO's partners and stakeholders will have access to the best science-based solutions for complex challenges and issues facing the world's forests.

Find out more at: IUFRO: Science-Policy Programme / Science in IUFRO

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